Okinawa Japan

A paradise where you can revitalize your energy and spirit

Refresh your body and soul in Okinawa!
Have your genetic examination and also enjoy the blue ocean

Genetic examination is cancer genetic testing Chosei genetic testing.

Cancer genetic testing is the fastest way to find cancer cells and it helps to forestall the risk of getting cancer. The test can find even the smallest cancer cells that normal cancer screening can’t. This test can tel you the growth speed and possibility of getting cancer. Chosei genetic examination is to check the customer’s Sirtuin expression level and its activity situation.
By doing this we may advise to lifestyle habits and preventive therapy so you can live a long,happy and healthy life.
☆We also have medical checkups,PET scans, and CT scans as options.

Medica Examination Institution

Here are  hospitals you may got to for the medica checkups, PET, and CT  scans. (Genetix examinations is at a different hospitas. Blood sample need it only.)
Chibana Clinic
Chubu Tokushukai Hospital

Medicine Advisor and medicine care translator

Ke Bin
Japan National University of the Ryukyus medical doctor,
Japan genome doctor,
China Internal medicine doctor,<> Masters degree in Chinese medicine.
Position:Chief of JLIS and Natural Remedy Center,
World Federation of Chinese Medicine Soticies Asia Health Specialized Committee Vice President,
. IMJ Okinawa Branch Deputy Director,JMSA Councilor

Dates (Example)

Day 1

Meet at Naha Airport

Go to the hospital for examination

To the hotel

Day 2

Continued examination at the hospital

Okinawa Folk Show in the evening

To the hotel

Day 3


Fun time at the Okinawa Ocean
Snorkel, barbecue, ☆fishing、☆parasailing, etc

To the hotel

Day 4

Okinawa touring(attractions add spots)

To the hotel

Day 5

Leave from Naha Airport

☆ These are options
  • We will pick the dates depending on the customer’s schedule.
  • Depending on the customer you may also have a medical checkup and PET examination. Contact us for more infomation.


Base Package
Genetic examination, marine activity(Cruising, snorkeling, barbecue on a boat), and Okinawa tour.
238,000yen~/per1(from 5 people)
Please pick one of the listed hotels
(Depending on the season we may or may not able to reserve. We wil contact you in advance to advise.)
Naha City Sun Palace Kyuyokan 9,000yen~ /1per stay(2 in one room )
Ginowan City Laguna Garden Hote12,000yen~ /1per stay(2 in one room)
  • Boat fishing 5,000yen~/per1 (From 5 people)
  • Jet ski & towed tube / 15,000yen~/per1 (From 5 people)
  • Parasailing 10,000yen~ /per1
☆Price may change depending on season.
☆Transport expenses to Naha Airport are not included.

Contact and application infomation

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Travel division

Governor of Tokyo Registration Number 3-7398 ANTA